10 International Holiday Destinations that would be cheaper than travelling within India!

India is one of the go-to destinations for tourists looking to have a great time on a budget. With vast landscapes to marvel at and the architecture waiting to be explored, India has it all. For those of you who want to go abroad and have a great budget holiday look no further as we have made a list places to visit which would be as gentle on your pockets as India would be and possibly more so.


There is more you can experience in Thailand than just the huge flat-screen TV you will most likely bring back home. A hub for thrilling water sports and serene jungles waiting to be tread through, Thailand is perfect for a great vacation. The street fairs are great for shopping on an itsy-bitsy budget.

Tip- To save on transportation, you can rent a motorcycle taxi (called a Motoesai Rap Chang in Thai). You may not save as much on cash as you would save on time (read frustration because of traffic) as these cabbies are famous for quick drops to your destination by weaving through heavy traffic.


Indonesia is a beautiful country with culture as expansive as its beaches. An archipelago of Islands, it is a popular tourist spot for travellers. Bali and Java are popular spots. Indonesian street food is both sumptuous and safe as the sheer bulk of sales makes sure fresh food is being served to you. Activities to look forward to include diving, snorkelling, visiting museums and elephant jungles and of course partying into the wee hours of the night.

Tip- Rent a scooter for dirt cheap rates and enjoy your trip by sharing with a companion.


Malaysia is a great holiday spot to switch off that 3G and reconnect with nature and your inner self. The tweets to enjoy here are those of the birds of the National Parks and jungles of the country and it does not lag behind in man made stunners either. The Petronas towers and Kuala Lumpur towers are what make the nationals proud, so be sure to put a visit to these on your agenda. You could also do nothing and spend the day on the beach with you on your sunny side up.

Sri Lanka

Often ignored by us when looking for a foreign trip, our friendly neighbour is a great place to drop by.It boasts of gorgeous beaches and a vast array of National Parks and wildlife reserves. The largest National Park of Sri Lanka, the Wilpattu National Park is home to many water birds like spoonbills and pelicans and would be a visual treat for nature lovers.

The currency has half the value as that of the Indian rupee favouring your expenses. Be sure to put this high up on your tourist spot list.


Another oft forgotten neighbour of India is Nepal. This small country tucked into India’s shoulder is the home of the Himalayas and the haven of every nature lover and mountaineer. Beautiful snow capped peaks and seclusion are perfect for unwinding after a gruelling year of work.

Tip- You don’t need a passport to visit Nepal if you are an Indian citizen. Often available are local guides with donkeys and mules who can guide you in your trekking and camping as well as provide transport.


We Indians are not really fond of this neighbour (to put it mildly), let alone consider it for a vacation. But Pakistan is really scores and scores of beautiful landscapes and historical heritage waiting to be unravelled. Some of the sites to visit are the ruins of Mohenjadaro of the Indus valley, Shalimar Gardens, Shah Jahan Mosque and Omar Hayat Mahal. It is a great place for mountain lovers with scenic valleys to soak in such as the Indus valley, Jhelum valley and Neelam valley. For meat lovers, Pakistan boasts of mouth-watering Mughlai cuisine and heat up your palate just like Indian dishes.

You can have a great trip if you’re lucky to get a visa.


These countries do not even appear on our bucket list of places to visit but they ought to find a place on them. This south-east country is home to Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. The Tuol Sleng Genocide museum should make for an interesting visit for it chronicles the Cambodian Genocide by the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970’s. The villages are great to start with to get to know the Cambodian culture and Cambodia is home to beautiful mountainous landscape.

Tip- Look for guest houses and living accommodation with the local residents for a budget stay.


Cambodia’s neighbour Vietnam is another place worthy of your visit when on a shoe string budget. Shack up in one of the super affordable guest houses enjoying the local sea food and brew. Cashew plantation and rice terraces is something to look out for. The French colonial architectural beauty can be enjoyed and you can find some authentic French croissants waiting for you at the local bakeries.


The Seychelles is a collection of over a 100 islands in the Indian ocean waiting to welcome you with its coral reefs and pristine white sea sands. If you love beaches then you could have an affair with Seychelles. Seychelles is home to the rare Giant Aldabra tortoise so be sure to pay a visit to one the National forest reserves. You can enjoy sumptuous sea food on the Island after you are done diving in the coral reef studded waters. Amazing in its variety for diving locations and experiences, it also offers packages of barbecue parties and beach picnics in some isolated secret beach to connect with fellow divers and share a drink or two. Perfect for the adventure lover.


Another beautiful Island you can visit on your next vacation is Maldives. Sun and sand blended to perfection and the waters housing not mermaids but a whole paradise beneath nonetheless. Coral reefs have found their place not just below sea level but also in the architecture. the Old Friday Mosque also called Hukuru Miskiyy, built somewhere in the 17th century, boasts of beautiful coral architecture and houses many tombs honouring heroes and rulers. The Banana reef is a popular diving point and the colourful fishes you’ll find here is truly baffling. Activities to tick off on your list include Kayaking, Wind surfing, pedal boating, snorkelling and diving.

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