6 Travel Safety Tips For Female Travellers

In this day and age, more and more women are answering the call to wanderlust and becoming solo travelers in hordes. As more women are becoming financially independent and more adventurous all the same, Fxkart brings to you safety advice for women out there wishing to fly solo.

1. Research

Knowledge is the power it is said and you need all the knowledge and empowering you can get your hands on even before you begin to travel. Don’t get enticed by merely great hotel reviews and sparkly decors of the hotel lobby.

Your safety goes beyond the room and housekeeping service. Research neighborhoods more importantly. Browse through websites like TripAdvisor and get to know the neighborhood. Look up modes of public transport in the vicinity of your lodging and also how safe each mode is after dark. A safe yet remote or inaccessible neighborhood could spell trouble.

Research activities that you can engage in on your trip. If you plan on undertaking adventure sports then do invest in a travel insurance. In fact, every traveler should invest in travel insurance for security against theft, loss of belongings and any untoward accidents as medical care can really burn a hole in your pocket when you are uninsured and abroad.

While looking up your options on Airbnb then be sure to read reviews and also to review the reviewers for authenticity.

2. Connectivity Is Important

It may seem repulsive to the hardcore feminist but it is in your best interest. Keep someone abreast about your whereabouts and have a relative check on you at the end of a day or a significant outing.

Also give details of your lodging and snaps of all your documents to a loved one in a case of an unforeseen mishap making it necessary to retrieve info from them.

Skype and WhatsApp calling do allow you to stay connected with minimal charges and WiFi are definitely getting to be ubiquitous but it is important to own a local sim in a case of emergencies. If you are country hopping then invest in an international calling plan rather buying sims in each country.

3. Pack Light

Don’t let your luggage weigh you down and don’t attract no gooders with those big trolley bags. Put all your valuables like a laptop, cameras etc on you at all times or locked in a safe. Some travel insurances cover such valuables as DSLR cameras and iPads even.

If you are planning to be carrying one of those for your travel then look for such a travel insurance policies. Don’t keep all your money in one place and keep copies of your passport and important documents in your email inbox for accessing from any computer in case of loss.

5 .Be Alert

Alertness to the point of being paranoid is going to be useful for taking care of yourself when alone abroad. Some people make a living out of befriending naive travelers and robbing them clean after earning their trust. Watch your drinking and don’t trade a night of frolicking for your sobriety.

Without your sober friends to watch your back, this merry-making could cost you dearly on a solo travel. Carry a safety device such as mace or pepper spray always. A whistle is a great thing to have on you and can be used to startle a predator and call attention in case of danger.

6. Blend in

Don’t stand out with your exotic looks and foreigner clothes. Dress like the locals as much as possible to avoid undesired attention from the local miscreants. If in Muslim countries, dress modestly and carry a scarf.

Your features and build will probably make you stand out as a foreigner but your local dressing will at least let you pass as an expat rather than a tourist. Also, incase you have lost your way, look confident and if someone seems to be too helpful then avoid taking their help if you can help it. Over friendliness from a stranger should raise a red flag in your head.

So ladies you maybe the solo traveler but you are not alone. Ride on the feminist tourist wave like you are without a care but always keep your safety first.