Benefits of Studying Abroad

If seeing the world and getting a great education were your reasons to want to study abroad then you are on the right track. Here are some more reasons to add to your list and be on your way for the learning experience of a lifetime!

A New Way of Learning

The education system would have a world of difference from what you have been used to. This will tap into a new skill set and put an edge on your way of tackling problems and situations. Student-teacher interaction is also very different abroad enabling you to analyse assignment problems from a fresh outlook. All these changes will positively tap into your learning potential and build skills which will play a great role in your careers in the future.

Fresh Perspective on Life

Meeting new people and making friends from a vastly different background will change the way you look at life for the better. Exposure to multiple cultures on a personal level makes the student less prone to racism, prejudices and snap judgements as he or she steps into the adult world. Also knowing cultural values and having that foreigner flatmate will establish bonds of friendship to cherish for life.

Life Skills Honed

Living on your own in a foreign land is a two-pronged challenge. Firstly you are out of the protective cocoon of your parents and secondly in a strange land with a jarringly different way of life. This life lesson is a precious one as it challenges you to look after yourself in a way you didn’t think you could and emerge stronger and wiser. It’s not a small achievement to start thinking in euros from rupees and plan your budget nor is setting up an apartment on your own plus adjusting with the new roommate. So you can pat yourself on the back for these seemingly small successes and great life lessons. These will help when you have your startup in the future and are valuable entrepreneurial skills.

Experience of a Lifetime

If you are studying in a European country, don’t miss out the opportunity to visit the neighbouring countries and soak in the culture and heritage. It is the best time to explore new cities (a la DDLJ maybe!). Since you are without kids and family you get to enjoy the independence and daredevilry of a backpacker that you may not get to enjoy at a later stage of life. So be a free bird and enjoy your freedom responsibly.

Resume Upgrade

A foreign education or even summer internship or semester abroad looks great on your resume as well as for future postgrad applications. Subconsciously or even as a conscious choice recruiters and companies favour students with a foreign education. These students/job applicants are perceived as more independent, adaptable, hands-on in tackling challenges and are thought to have generally had a richer exposure in their formative years.

Language Skills

Living in a foreign country you could pick up basic language skills. Research shows that multilingual brains are more stimulated and become smarter than unilingual ones so that’s one aspect to get you hooked. Also looks great on your resume to have a foreign language you are fluent in.

Get a Job Experience

In foreign countries, it is perfectly acceptable to work a shift to support yourself. Don’t shy away from a summer job or a weekend shift. It will make you more enterprising and all these experiences add up to making you wiser and seasoned professional in the future. These job experiences can go down in your resume too.

Develop New Interests

An education is not only what you jot down in lecture halls and read in your textbooks. Go to the countryside to hike, pottery,  learn rollerblading or take a course on video making and start your own youtube channel. The possibilities are endless. Use your time for development and growth. Something you might not have invested time in back at home. A new country is sometimes what’s needed to give you a new approach to life.

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