Carrying Foreign Exchange the Smart Way

With everything going cashless in India, it is high time that while traveling abroad we ditch the cash and clutch the card. The travel card is our top pick for cashless travel. Here is a list of advantages it offers over other modes of carrying currency.

1) Ease of operation

A travel card is very easy to procure and even easier to operate abroad. It works just like a credit or debit card so you can use it for cash withdrawal as well as while shopping. Getting a travel card from can help you save up a lot of money on your next trip.

As you are aware buying forex results in a lot of unaccountable loss of currency due to varying rates and hidden fees. So to minimize this leakage of your hard earned money, get your money converted at one rate to your travel card.

This one-time conversion can help you save a lot. Here’s how.

2) Best rates on Fxkart guarantees you the best rates in town. It is not just a tall claim but all the rates are displayed to you on a window and you are free to choose from the list. So lock that favorable rate onto your travel card and don’t look back!

3) Evade hidden fees

The second way in which you save more is that you are not charged on every transaction. In the case of withdrawals or purchases with credit/debit cards, there is a fee for operating in a foreign location on every transaction in addition to the unfavorable foreign exchange rate that would be levied.

4) Easy solution to loss of card/depleted funds

The third advantage of the travel card is that in a case of loss or theft you can report it to have the blocked. If your funds are depleted then you need to just call up Fxkart customer care to get it reloaded. The amount required can be loaded very easily from the bank account linked to your travel card.

Go cashless on your next travel and keep saving with