Documents Required for International Travel

If you are travelling within India or abroad, be sure to tick off from our last minute checklist the documents required for air travel.

Documents Required While Checking In for a Flight

A photo identification proof such as Pan card/Aadhar card/Driver’s license and flight tickets. The flight tickets can be a print out of the e-ticket or can be shown to the security officer on your cell phone browser even.

In case travelling with an infant be sure to carry a copy of the birth certificate of the child. At times when booking via travel portals, you are required to carry the copy of the credit/debit card via which the payment for the tickets was made. But these are not required in all cases.

The documents accepted at the airport for valid identification proof include Voter ID card, driver’s license, Pan card and passport for a resident Indian. In a case of a foreigner or NRI, the valid accepted documents are visa and Passport.

In case you are flying internationally you will be required to have the following documents:

A valid Passport (should be valid for at least 6 months from date of travel). You need to have a valid visa for visiting the country unless you are getting a visa on arrival as is the case in some countries.

Also in case en route you end up in transit in a country for more than 12 hours then a transit visa will be required for that country too. A confirmed return ticket is also required unless you have a student visa or a work visa for that country.

In addition, though not mandatory, it is advisable to have travel insurance when travelling abroad. It may seem a bit useless or indulgent but not so much when circumstances tide up against you. An accident, hospital admission or missing baggage never announce and happen. Be prepared and don’t be left emptying your bank account for a mishap on foreign soils and get travel insurance beforehand.

Foreign currency amounting to not more than USD 10,000 in currency notes and traveller’s cheques are allowed. Check on for the best deals on Foreign Currency Exchange!

Usually, when travelling to South American countries a medical certificate issued by a medical practitioner stating yellow fever vaccination status is needed. Be sure to find out about the required medical certificates well in advance.

In some cases not the vaccination status but the antibody levels are required to be tested. So you will need to get the vaccination and a stipulated number of months later get blood tests for the developed antibody levels. So it is advisable to look into the medical requirements in the planning stages of your travel. In case you need medicines on a daily basis such as for diabetes, hypertension or any other chronic disease you will require a recent prescription from a medical practitioner for the medicine stock you are carrying.