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Nothing can bring more delight to an Indian patriot than ushering in a cricket season. More so when it is the ICC World Cup. As the cricket pitch beckons and cricket fever grips the masses, more and more migrate to the land of kiwis. I’m sure that those who are all set to witness the awesomeness live are in full swing preparing to not miss a run. With cricket matches located in 7 cities in New Zealand namely Auckland, Hamilton, Napier, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch and Dunedin, there is a lot of travelling, cheering and converting currency ahead of you. Be it hooting till senseless or soaking in the sun between matches, Fxkart.com is here to save you some bucks while on your journey through Middle Earth.

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Buying tickets from a travel agent is ancient history and getting them online is the only way to go. If you haven’t already bought your tickets then read on before you do so. The obvious and hitherto only known option of payment for this purchase is through your debit/credit card. Well hold on to those for now. A better option is using a Forex denominated Travel card. A travel card functions just like a debit card. In this case it will be preloaded with New Zealand dollars. You pay Indian rupees to a foreign exchange dealer and he loads your Travel card with New Zealand Dollars at an agreed exchange rate (get best exchange rates on Fxkart.com). A Travel card can be used to pay for all your online transactions (in NZD) as well as withdraw NZD at ATMs in New Zealand. Better still, you are not subjected to fluctuating rates as you have converted all your cash in advance at a fixed rate which is better than carrying currency notes (compare travel card and currency note rates at Fxkart.com).

Why using a Travel card is better than paying through your Credit/Debit card

When you purchase an international flight ticket online from India, the foreign airline is paid in New Zealand dollars and not directly in INR that you thought you transacted in. But remember, when in Rome, pay as the Romans pay (See Save additional 3-5% at the Dubai Shopping Festival – 2015 with Fxkart.com!). If you chose to pay using your Indian credit/debit card, your card issuing bank applies a INR to NZD foreign exchange conversion rate to pay the airline company. In this scenario you are at the mercy of the bank to set the foreign exchange rate and banks show no mercy. Banks notoriously charge way over and above the international rate resulting in a markup of about 3-5% on all your transactions! Ouch!

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reload them on the travel card. Fxkart.com gets you the best rates as leading forex vendors competitively bid for your requirement in real time bringing you the best market rates. And this is as simple as a couple of clicks.

To save more, your match tickets too should be purchased with this travel card. The same card can be used for your travel between matches, your shopping, your food and petty expenses. Your hotel can also be booked online using your travel card. And if you need cash, just use this Travel card at any ATM while in New Zealand (standard withdrawal charge of NZD 2 applies per withdrawal, so plan your withdrawals to minimize this withdrawal charge).

Armed with your travel card, go ahead and celebrate the most awaited Valentine’s Day ever with your first love, Cricket.

And let’s bring back the trophy!