Flying abroad is now easier!


As any Indian who has a passport, you must be well aware of the trauma of getting a passport made. You are shuttled from one office to another by officers and personnel who show no mercy. One might ask you to see the district magistrate for a document to be issued. The district magistrate redirects you to the police station. And when you are done proving you don’t work for the Mafia, there would come an avalanche of more documents required and by the end of the ordeal you wouldn’t know what hit you. And don’t forget to add to it the horrible picture of yours that lands up on the passport’s first page.

Last November, I wasn’t exactly the bearer of good news when I wrote about your non machine readable becoming redundant. But this time I come with a belated Christmas present. Ho ho ho!

The ministry has announced that you need just 4 documents to get a passport issued. Yeah you read it right…just 4! These you will be able to find in your documents drawer and get your passport issued in a few easy steps!

Step 1. Get your voter card, aadhar card and Pan card

Step 2- Make sure they are valid

Step 3- Get an affidavit from the police stating you do not have a criminal record

Step 4- Book your appointment with the passport office

Step 5- Get your passport issued and smile away!


The new services can be availed at no extra cost. And as always Fxkart is here as your currency partner for your International travel.

It’s truly achhe din here.

Click here to visit Passport Seva’s online portal.