Flying overseas? And don’t want your money to fly off too?


Here is some free advice (best things in life are free indeed!) as to how to best carry foreign exchange.

In forex matters, there is no denying that you will be faced with an array of choices to convert your money. The choices offered are unfortunately brilliantly chalked out to confuse you or worse still put you through a lot of hardship in a foreign land and rip you off with heavy (often hidden) charges.

A fool and his money are soon parted and quicker so when abroad. So here’s offering some advice at your disposal to carry foreign currency on your overseas trip.

The first option that comes to one’s mind is to convert your local currency into foreign currency at the local bank. This may turn out to be the most expensive way to carry FX.

Further, carrying foreign currency in hard cash may not be the best idea you could have come up with.

Dr Rupee researchers have carefully scrutinised all the product offerings, fished through all the fine print, spent hours comparing all the features across products to bring you the absolute best and cheapest way to carry FX on your foreign trip.

The options you have are:

1. Carry foreign currency in cash by converting it in India from your bank or dealers

2. Carry an international debit card

3. Carry a foreign currency cash card (travel card)

4. Carry foreign currency Travellers cheques

Dr Rupee Recommends:

Use a Dr Rupee recommended Travel card:

Using one of Dr Rupee’s recommended travel cards obtained through our recommended dealers can save you 1000’s of rupees on your travel spent by avoiding the high currency conversion charges. A travel card works just like a normal debit card. You load a certain amount of foreign currency on to it at a pre-negotiated exchange rate (Dr Rupee will advise you who is giving the best rate in the market) by giving rupees to the dealer in India.

Once the foreign currency is loaded on the card by the dealer (usually the same day), you can use the travel card for any transaction abroad i.e. you can withdraw the loaded foreign currency from any ATM abroad (usually invites a fixed ATM usage charge per withdrawal), swipe your card for shopping, use it to pay for online transactions done in Foreign currency (booking local flights/trains/buses/hotels in the foreign country) and all of this without paying any conversion or usage charges! Plus you are sure at what rate your money got converted and the exact amount of FX available for your expenses, avoiding the worry of fluctuating exchange rates.

See below a quick table of how this saves you money!

Crappy stuff about travel cards

ATM withdrawal charges

Pre-paid FX Travel cards usually charge a fixed ATM withdrawal charge abroad. Dr Rupee recommended travel cards charge the least.


You can minimise this cost by reducing your ATM withdrawals and planning your daily spends

Issuance charges:

These cards come with issuance charges, currency loading charges etc.

Tip: Picking a travel card through Dr Rupee can get you a waiver on all these charges!

So go ahead, get that room upgrade!