Foreign Exchange and You

A quick revision of all the forex wisdom this Teacher’s Day

This last year our blog has been giving you valuable pearls as to how to handle foreign currency and guiding you on your international and domestic travels. This teacher’s day we have decided to give you a quick review of all that you have learnt this past year with Fxkart.

Travel cards are the way to go

For carrying currency on your foreign travel the only way to go is travel card. The advantages offered are that you are not subjected to fluctuating foreign exchange rates and you can load multiple currencies on a single card in case travelling to multiple countries.

For maximum benefit withdraw a single large amount rather than multiple small withdrawals to avoid being charged ATM withdrawal charges over and over again.

Fxkart always

For the best forex rates always log onto The rates offered by various dealers are displayed on a single window to you, thereby ensuring transparency. The money changers engage in a live dynamic bid to drive the rates further down. Nothing but the assured best rates for you.

Travel tips

Never travel without travel insurance. It is more than just health insurance. The policy covers loss of baggage, accidents, loss of valuables, hijacking and delay of flights for more than a certain duration (varies with each policy).

While planning travel internationally check well in advance for the need for health certificates for specific vaccinations. For carrying your regular medicines always have a prescription from your medical practitioner to show at customs.

Carry your passport and cash in a pouch that can be worn underneath your clothing. Also keep a soft copy of your passport, visa, travel insurance etc in some place that can be accessed from any system like your email inbox or the cloud.

Overseas education

Use Fxkart for transferring money abroad for your child’s education. You can avail the best rates offered from all banks and won’t have to open an account with them either. Our in-house chartered accountant will help you out with the cumbersome paperwork and documentation.

Keep saving on your foreign transactions with!

Wish you all a Happy Teacher’s Day and have a blessed Ganesh Chaturthi!