Here is a list of the best cities to party in the world on New Year’s Eve!

Every year people around the globe gather to witness pompous festivities to welcome the new year. Parties lasting beyond sunrise, sleeping on the beaches and of course fireworks. Here is a list of the best cities to party in with the top fireworks display in the world on New Year’s Eve. And even if you are laying low be sure to catch it on TV.


One of the first cities to welcome the New Year and does so magnificently. The Sydney Opera house and the Sydney harbor bridge set the perfect stage for the stunning pyrotechnics show with the harbor lighting up in synchrony.


Source: huffingtonpost

New York

One of the celebrations to see and be seen in. With the televised event you are probably going to end up seeing yourself on TV ushering in the new year amidst a rain of confetti and fireworks blinding you with festivities. The hallmark of the Times Square celebration is the gigantic glittering ball dropped from a flagpole. The Liberty Island boasts of a gorgeous pyrotechnic show with the statue of Liberty basking in the glory of the grandeur her people have put up for the world to see.


Source: huffingtonpost

Rio de Janeiro

The dress code to this party is white  symbolizing purity and peace. The locals dressed in all white along a vast stretch of the Copacabana beach flock to party, revel and pay their respects to the sea Goddess by showering flowers into the ocean. And these people sure know how to party. The ocean proudly reflecting back the magnificent fireworks, this is a party you sure want to be party to.


The city of lights it maybe called but has a humble display of fireworks. But what the city lacks in loud fireworks makes up for in a stunning 20 minute light show of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph.


Source: tripdesigners

Las Vegas

Already a first choice for parties for many, on new year’s it outdoes itself many fold. The Vegas strip is rendered car free for all the party goers to let loose on the streets. And you maybe partying on the street or housed in some luxury suite in a skyscraper, you can’t miss the pyrotechnics which are launched from 7 rooftops making every New Year’s Eve better than the last.


Source: .tripdesigners


The creme de la crème of fireworks is in Dubai. Holding the world record for the largest fireworks display in 2013 and in front of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, this is one sky shattering spectacle to behold. With over 2 million people in attendance to witness this event, this is the number one place to be this New Year’s Eve.


Source: Forbes

So pick out your destination and have a dazzling year ahead! But make sure you log on to for your currency exchange before heading out as this year not only are we getting a year older but also wiser.