FxKart.com Inception


Once upon a time there lived a man who was a happy traveler. Obviously unmarried.

He married the wife.

Wife barely travels. Husband also known as a frequent flyer in other circles.

One pleasant evening the newlyweds go to buy foreign exchange for a trip.

Husband went to his preferred dealer to buy forex with his lovely new wife. Dealer preferred as time and again he had given ‘best rates’ (such a myth!)  to the husband.

But the wife being a wife, overrules and decides to window shop for forex (so what if it’s for a boring thing like forex – isn’t window shopping a lady’s birthright?)

Wife gets a better rate (duh!)

Score – wife 1000, husband 0

Husband shut up for life (by law of the-wife-is-always-right)

Husband goes on to make fxKart.com

Score – wife 1000, husband 1

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