Makar Sakranti – The harvest festival

With the promise earth makes that the sun will shine a little a bit longer each day, comes the harvest festival of Makar Sakranti. It is celebrated by different names all across India in varied ways but with the same fervour and joy nonetheless.

Each year Makar Sakranti falls around mid January. As we shed our warm clothes with every passing day so does the northern hemisphere bid goodbye to the biting cold to welcome the day of harvest in the best of moods. It is a celebration of life, harmony with cattle and the harvest of our livelihood from mother nature. It is a celebration of the promise of spring.

Significance of Makar Sakranti

It is called Sakranthi and Pongal in the south with Makar Sakranti, Uttarayana and Khichdi being the names used in north India. Transition is what earth promises us and transition is what it expects from us. Discard the old and bring in the new. Makar Sakranti is a good time to refresh those resolutions which might be on the wane after the new year celebrations. Discarding old clothes and furniture and making room for new ones. What this festival asks the most of us is to discard old grudges and rid ourselves of ill feelings towards our kith and kin just like nature discarded the listlessness of the winter.

How it’s celebrated

The hallmark of this day is the sesame sweets. Women offer Mahachandika prappati and take up their roles as the protectors of their families. People are found feeding their cattle as a symbol of sharing and gratefulness to their helping hands. Prayers are offered to the elements of nature, the sun, the water, the soil and fire. Special rice delicacies with lentils are cooked and distributed on this day hence in some parts of India the festival is called khichdi.

The Kite Festival

In Gujarat the festival is called Uttarayana and the hallmark of the celebration here is kite flying. Also known as the kite festival, you will see millions of enthusiasts engaging in kite flying and cutting off each other’s kites. Every year the number of tourists from predominantly south Asia as well as other parts of the globe flock to the Sabarmati riverfront and Ahmedabad Police stadium to participate in the

International Kite Festival. We can see vibrant kites showing off in the sky indigenous to different countries and kite sales soar up just like the kites in the skies do. So gear up to rule the sky this makar Sakranti in our vibrant Gujarat. Kai po che!!!

Wishing you a very happy Makar Sakranti from team Fxkart.