Must Have Travel Assistant Apps

Isn’t it amazing to have someone take care of your irksome travel scheduling?

With these apps, it’s like you have an assistant at your beck and call and a good one at that too.

Be sure to download these apps for your next travel and all you got to do is just show up at the airport. From budgeting to planning to be your guide you can have it all on your supremely efficient smartphones.

Travel Math

Let this app help you out with the planning and budgeting of your next trip. This math whiz of an app will make a logistical plan for you and guide with travel times, distances and budget for you. Who needs a wife when you got travel math! The budget and planning minus the nagging!


This app is your super brainy assistant which will probably deserve a raise at the end of your trip. With its analysis, it will guide you as to when the best time is to travel cost wise and when the best time to book your tickets is! It is one fine predictor and money saver!

Pack Point

Hate googling endlessly what to do on your next trip, what not to do and what the weather is on each day? Have someone else do that for you. Pack point is an app on point.

It will let you know what you need to pack based on the activities you are going to participate in, the weather and all the nitty gritty’s was taken into account.

Another app which can help you with your packing similarly is travel list.

Trip Advisor

Yearning for that break but no clue where to head? The age-old questions of ‘what to wear’ and ‘where to go’ will haunt us forever. Even if you don’t have a destination planned out, TripAdvisor can give you options for destinations and all the available attractions for the kind of holiday you want.

From laid-back-reading-by-the-poolside to adrenaline-pumping-bungee-jumping are all on the menu. For vacations, it would be perfect to have some amount of flexibility as this site will guide you when to travel by showing you the lowest airfares and hotel rates in specific time windows.

Jet Lag Rooster

Travelling way across time zones and dreading the long hours on a flight and the subsequent agonizing jet lag? Fear not anymore. The Jet lag rooster is a gift from the heavens and is a great way to conquer jet lag (or minimise it, to say the least).

It will guide you on how to gradually change your sleep timings few days before your travel so that you ease into the new time zone and are not left tossing and turning with darker than dark circles on your trip.

Log MeIn

Working on your dream vacation and left with the nightmare of not being able to access your PC? Log MeIn app lets you access your PC files from anywhere on the globe.

WiFi Finder

Wifi is as important as food and water these days so it’s only obvious you are going to get a wee bit parched without God’s mercy that is WiFi. Say no to data roaming charges burning a hole in your pocket and download this app before your trip. WiFi finder will help you locate spots with free WiFi in your destination. Indeed the best things in life are free.

Be sure to download these apps and get a hang of them before you head out next. They will for sure be loyal assistants making your travel easier and smoother. And of course, for all your foreign exchange needs there is!