Reconnect with your parents on this Father’s Day

As every generation emerges into their 20s and 30s letting go of their nests and tasting the sweet taste of freedom, chances of spending time with parents get slimmer. Some might cringe at the idea of taking a trip with their folks and some may be too well aware of the passive power struggle as they take control of their lives and parents refuse to relinquish it. The kids believe they know the world and parents are sure that they know better.

Also, if you are a frequent traveller, chances are your parents worry a lot about their little fledgeling spreading its wings ever so frequently. Whatever be your reason for avoiding a trip with the folks (arguments, generation gap, rebellion), put it all away and explore with team Fxkart why it is a good idea to take that trip with them right now and how to go about it to make the best of it.

Consider their needs and plan

They may be too old for hopping frequently from one destination to another and living in budget hostels. Cut back a little on your wanderlust and daredevil act for this one trip just a little and enjoy one place. A resort is great to unwind and catching up. Your parents will be more interested in that museum tour rather than that rock climbing adventure owing to bad knees or a bad back. They gave up on their adventures when they travelled with you when you were a kid and planned their trips around your needs. It’s time to repay them.

Include them in the planning

It may be hard for them to come to accept that you, in fact, are a grown up person and being a traveller you may know better. But ask them what places they would like to visit at the destination and give them options while planning out your itinerary. It would make them more open to the idea of taking the trip and somewhat put their reservations, if any, to rest.

Plan out the expenses

Either party assuming the other would pay or becoming the sponsor and feeling taken for granted is a big no. Discuss the expenses and decide beforehand who pays for what. It shouldn’t be too difficult to bring up the topic as they are your parents. If you have a good budget and can afford to treat them to an entire trip then that’s great! Gifting a wonderful experience trumps materialistic possessions any day!

Plan out some alone time

After you have left home somewhere in your teens to pursue your dreams, you and your parents both have gotten used to staying apart. Keep some time away during the day as a hedge between keeps friendship green.

Try new things

Yes, we did mention earlier to cut back on the adventure and enjoy the senior citizen pace for once. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking your parents for new fun activities outside their comfort zone once or twice on the trip. Plan the activity according to their health, though, especially taking their BP and heart health into consideration.

Also, you should try out something your parents would end up doing, like a boat ride in a lake or a board game in the evening after a day out (something you enjoyed with your parents in your childhood). The effect of the serenity of such an activity might end up pleasantly surprising you.

Let this trip be an opportunity to take back fond memories and make for more fun conversation topic at family gatherings. Go with an open mind and reconnect with your parents this Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day from team Fxkart!