Romantic Getaways for this Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s day is coming and hallmark stores are going ka-ching ka-ching. With the winds of romance blowing, are you going to be the one carried away into buying a run-of-the-mill commercialised giant card and giant teddy bear? I hope not. Just like the way she stole your heart, steal her away to a romantic getaway this Valentine’s day with the Fxkart guide.

The South East- Perfect for your Miss Perfect

The tropics are a perfect holiday spot come Valentine’s Day. It will soon be seeing monsoon pour relentlessly, but right now it’s neither too hot nor too cold and just the right amount of romantic. You can take in the sun on the beaches and bring home a tan not a burn. February is like spring in the South East Asia with pleasant breezy weather. So if you were laying low on New Year’s then fly high this Valentines to the South East.


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Reconnect with nature

If you want to get wild with your significant other Thailand can offer you a myriad of destinations. From partying hard into the night at Pattaya or diving deep and snorkelling at Ko Lipe and Pai, you have it all. Every district offers a bewildering range of adrenaline pumping activities to do. You can chose from elephant rides, backpacking, rafting, visiting caves if you want to reconnect with your valentine and with nature.

Hiking in the concrete jungles

If your partner wants to be the city girl then take her shopping in the mega malls of Bangkok and camp in a resort which also promise a rocking nightlife. Cruises are also on the menu and so is a wide array of sea food.



Truly Asia, truly bountiful

Bask in the wilderness that Malaysia has to offer. Malaysia has a number of national parks, waterfalls, mountains and caves to visit. Apart from nature’s wonders there are a number of man made wonders to marvel at. The Petronas Towers, Islamic Arts Museum, the Kuala Lumpur towers, many shopping districts and fine dining restaurants are there to keep you busy. Rafting, Scuba diving and snorkelling are activities you can plan during the day. And if you wish to lay low with your loved one then you can laze around on the pristine beaches of Malaysia.


What you waiting for? Start packing!

You can plan an active adrenaline pumping or a lazy lovey holiday this Valentine’s day. Be sure to log on to for your foreign exchange requirements. You’ll save a ton and you can shower your valentine with gifts with the money you save on

Happy Valentine’s Week!