Save Big On Hotels On Your Next Trip

Save Big On Hotels On Your Next Trip Accommodation eats up a major chunk of our budget for our trips. Whether travelling locally or abroad, here are some tips to keep in mind while booking your hotel for your next trip. Look Into the Type of Hotel You Are Booking.

If you wish to take your trip on a weekend then better would be to book a hotel that caters to mostly business professionals as their rates are usually cheaper over the weekend when business is slow. Vice versa for leisure hotels. Their rates soar pretty high over the weekends. So research your hotel in advance and keep skimming through the rates and patterns their rates follow.

Book Way In Advance to Getting Cheap Rates and Avail Offers

Keep an eye on offers online if you are planning a trip. Usually, these offers last a day and could be a blink and miss an opportunity. Subscribe to offer alerts to make the most of the offers and discounts.

Stay Away From the Mini Bar

Get your own soft drinks and snacks which will be about 10 times cheaper when store bought. Usually, they check the mini bar while doing housekeeping each day and make a note of the items used. What trick many people use is to replace the item if used with a store bought item! A trick you can use in case your hand reaches out for the ultra-pricey snacks and drinks in the middle of the night.

Room Service Is Ripping You Off

Room service is the pinnacle of luxury in a holiday abroad. But also the pinnacle of costs incurred. So always keep a snack with you in case you get hungry in your room and have your dinner at the local restaurant enjoying your evening with the locals rather than shacked up in your cosy room.

Compromise & Travel In The Off Season

There is a reason why a certain location is ideal in a particular month. But the travel industry cashes in on the travel season and there are throngs of travellers crowding up the place. So make plans to hit a destination just after the peak season subsides. The rates would be more reasonable and the crowds for sight seeing would be thinner.

City Centre Or Cost Of Transport?

Hotels located in the heart of the city are way costlier than slightly off hotels. Research before booking hotels the cost of transportation and existence of cheaper modes of travel such as metros and subways. What you saved up in staying at a distance from the city centre shouldn’t be nullified by the exorbitant cost of taxis and time lost getting to tourist attractions and restaurants.

Get Rewarded

Be a rewards member of a hotel if you always pick out a particular chain of hotels for your stay. You will be privy to exclusive deals for members that will help you save up on future holidays. Also upgrades, free meals and free nights are offered to members. Travelling on the occasion of your anniversary or birthday? You will get a free cake if you notify the hotel beforehand. Also all the points earned with your hotel stay can translate to free meals in the hotel chain in your hometown.

Travelling In a Group? Suite Up!

If travelling with a group of friends then stay in a suite. They usually have multiple bedrooms so privacy is not compromised upon. Also if travelling kids it is pretty advantageous as you can babysit for one another sometimes and stay up late into the night enjoying the company of other grown-ups past the kids’ bedtime.

Save Upon Facilities

Opt for facilities such as free wifi, complimentary breakfast or free access to conference room (in case travelling for business you can have a business meeting there rather than spending on a restaurant). If you are travelling with a few friends and no kids, don’t let offers useless to you such as ‘kids eat for free’ lure you. Be sure the free facilities and services actually benefit you and will be used by you. Always ask at your hotel if they have an airport shuttle and save up on cabs. Enquire about spas and massage services in the hotel as they offer better rates to guests.

Offers Are To Lure You

Remember that offers are to entice you and get you excited. Look at the fine print and see if the bunched up services offered to you would actually be cheaper if paid for separately.

Save Up of Foreign Exchange With

Save up booking international hotels with Fxkart. You can book hotels online by paying via an international prepaid travel cards you got loaded with Exorbitant rates and conversion fees will apply if you use your local credit card book a hotel abroad.