4 Simple Tips To Travel Like An Expert

Here are some useful travel tips from seasoned business travellers to beginners.

Save up

Get credit cards which reward you in air miles on your expenses. So even if your company is paying for an economy class ticket, you can use the miles to get an upgrade to business class for long-haul flights.

Don’t follow the crowd and book accommodation in expensive hotels on the regular travel websites. You can probably get better and cheaper accommodation on Airbnb.

While booking tickets make sure you clear your browser history each time. Travellers usually watch the prices of tickets for a few days before booking. The travel websites use cookies to access your search history based on which the cost of the ticket you are interested in may be hiked up.

Book foreign exchange using Fxkart to get the best-assured rates from the comfort of your home. The best way to carry foreign currency is with a preloaded travel card and you can also load multiple currencies on it if you have to travel to multiple countries.


Keep your loved ones back at home updated about your whereabouts using the companion app. Your co-travellers can also benefit from this app. It is especially of value in this day and age where terrorism is rampant and you need to stay connected with your loved ones.

If you plan to travel across time zones then be sure to combat jet lag using the Jet lag rooster app. Using this app you adjust your sleep-wake cycle to gradually get in sync with the new time zone with minimum discomfort.

Keep a power bank on you at all times so you don’t run out of juice while on the road.

Get travel insurance. If you are a frequent traveller for business then get a multiple trip travel insurance which usually requires yearly renewal. It will be more economical than buying travel insurance on each trip.

Tech up

Download free video calling apps such as skype, Viber and IMO to connect with your loved ones as well as clients.

Save up on international roaming charges by keeping your mobile data off and shutting down background apps. Switch off auto download feature of emails too. You can download them manually when you connect to wifi. Also, download the WiFi finder app to help you find free WiFi.

Invest in a local sim if you are fly frequently to a particular destination. Would be cheaper.

Blend in

Google the local customs before heading to a new country. Dress accordingly and be careful to not offend the locals.

Even for business meetings read up local etiquettes while greeting a new business associate and how to go about the introduction and meetings. For instance, South Koreans regard the business card as an extension of someone’s persona. So while accepting a business card use both hands and read the card before placing in your pocket. And it would be sacrilegious to write on someone’s business card. Such etiquettes need a five-minute research but will definitely go a long way in making a good impression.

Follow these simple tips to save more on your next business trip and keep saving with Fxkart.com.

Team Fxkart wishes you a Happy Navratri.