Stay connected while roaming internationally!


Connectivity locally is important on your international travel. WiFi is not always at your disposal but networking, be it social or professional, is a must. Be smart on your next international travel and follow these tips from Team to save on your international roaming costs.

Switch off your data roaming


Always keep your data roaming switched off while travelling abroad. Usually free WiFi services can be availed in malls, cafes, airports or corporate offices. Be sure to connect to one of these. You may miss switching your mobile data off thinking that since you are not actively using it, there is no harm leaving it on, right? Wrong!

Automatic email downloads, social networking and WhatsApp downloads eat your data usage without you realising. So be aware and manually download emails later when you reconnect to a WiFi network.

Switch off background apps


The other thing that can drain your data plan is running background apps. News apps, shopping apps, social networking sites are using up data continuously to update information and can wipe your data plan clean. Be sure to close all applications and double check running apps when leaving a WiFi zone.

Enquire about your data plan before your trip


Before you head abroad, call up your service provider and ask about data plans, top up discounts and discounted international roaming rates. Depending on your kind of travel get a suitable roaming pack rate. Also find out whether your international roaming service is automatically renewed every month. You will need to disable that once you return from your trip or else rental will be charged.

Also make sure your mobile phone is compatible with the country you are visiting. Some countries are largely on the CDMA network while others may be on GSM.

Talking over the seas


Phone calls can be a pricey affair on international soils. Freedom of speech is your birthright and so should freedom of talk-time be. Before you head out, download a VoIP app such as Skype, Viber, IMO or you can even use Facebook messenger or WhatsApp calls. You can talk to your near and dear ones for free, provided they have the app too. Some countries such as Saudi Arabia have barred WhatsApp calling services. You could use Skype or Imo instead.

For talking to business associates and clients you may need to contact them on their regular number. You can call using Skype at dirt cheap rates.

New SIM Card- to buy or not to buy?


If you are a frequent flyer for work to one specific destination, then invest in a local sim of that country. You can get an international SIM of a country in India at airport kiosks of You can also buy an international SIM card on and avail their offers such as free calling to India, free incoming or unlimited data packs.

What about my laptop?!


Fear not laptops, you will not be left networkless to fend for yourselves! Available options are mobile wireless routers, which can be activated for international use by contacting the service provider and you are good to go. These are small devices which look like your mobile phones from 10 years back and act as a WiFi hotspot. If you are travelling with a group of people then this is the choice for you as about 5 devices can connect to it usually.

Another option is a WiFi dongle, a USB looking device, which can be plugged into your laptop. There are various kinds of dongles available which can provide connectivity to just the laptop or can behave as a hotspot and connect to a few devices. Depending on your requirement you can chose from these options.

All these devices are usually available for international travellers at airports, train stations and malls.


Use these tips to be the smart traveller on your next trip, for a megabyte saved is a megabyte earned!
Happy Travelling!