The year gone by…

India’s Largest Aggregator of RBI – Licensed Money Changers  

We launched 11 months ago, and have already reached the top of the market. With your continuous support we are still growing from strength to strength, and this is only a bright start to a revolution in the industry.

2015 was a roller-coaster ride for us, from winning prestigious awards to innovative marketing campaigns.Thank you very much for being an inevitable part of our growth story and we hope to grow with your support in the years to come.

Below given is a throwback at a few innovative things we did and our achievements in the year gone by.

  1. Innovative Luggage Tags

Fxkart in association with Air Asia, has rolled out innovative baggage tags across all Indian destinations that the renowned international airline flies between.

Baggage Tags

  1. Advertisements on major platforms

Fxkart advertised on major platforms in 2015, such as Business Standard, The Telegraph, etc., amping-up marketing at a level new to the start-up world.

Newspaper Ads

3. Air India Seat Backs

Fxkart has partnered with Air India to be featured on the seat-backs of all flights catering to the busiest air routes in India.

Seat Backs

  1. Sipper Promotions

To add more value to the user, we gave out a premium sipper absoutely free worth Rs 500/- on every transaction. Our users loved this idea and the sippers vanished from our selves like hot cakes.

  1. Fxkart branded Wet Tissues & Chocolates

Being a startup, we wanted to reach more and more people with low cost marketing tools.  While our users were happy discovering us on Google but Trade Fairs were one of the key areas that we wanted to capture. But we had to do something very disruptive and thus we came up with the idea of Fxkart branded tissues and chocolates! This was a huge success at the trade fairs and got quite a few eyeballs 🙂

Chocolates has alsp been awarded with quite a few awards this year
  • Hot 100 Technology Startups in India
  • Innovative Medical Tourism Services of the Year, 2015
  • International Business Travel Product of the Year, 2015 ( IITM, Mumbai)
  • TTF Award of Excellence , 2015

These were a few activities that we did and lot more in the store. See you in 2016 !