This New Year’s, Dubai could be your place to be!


Every new year people flock by thousands to Times Square, Goan beaches and the Vegas strip to party like there’s no tomorrow only to welcome a brand new tomorrow. But what many miss out is that a cheaper and closer to home option that is available on the menu. It’s none other than dear old Dubai.

The advantages offered by Dubai are multi fold. Firstly it offers amazing party opportunities for kids and adults alike. Unlike Miami or Vegas which is short on family kind of entertainment or Walt Disney World which is catering mostly to the little ones, Dubai offers varied options for celebrating new year. Your kids can have a gala time at Ski Dubai(located in Mall of Emirates) where they can enjoy a skiing adventure minus the biting cold that snowy places would inevitably come with. Then there is the water theme park called Wild Wadi you and your family can have fun in. For adults and especially partying adults there is a great night life that Dubai promises with DJ nights, live performances, concerts and karaoke nights. Dubai, on New Year’s, is a veritable cocktail of Vegas, Miami, New York, Goa, Bangkok all shaken up together into one hell of a buzz!

New year’s eve is no short of a Times Square ball drop or Chinese Dragon pyrotechnics. Dubai has its own brand of fanfare, one of the best in the world which gets better every year. Amazing pyrotechnic shows and light shows at the Burj Khalifa to welcome the new year are the highlight to look out for.

Indians often find it difficult to enjoy a good bite on European and American holidays owing to culture differences. Our palates, more used to spices, gets a wee bit bored or plain rejecting of the western flavours. Dubai offers no such culture shock to the Indian taste buds. There are places serving South Indian food more currysome than Udupi restaurants and Rajasthani thhalis that can give Jaipur restaurants a run for their money. Western cuisines, Michelin star restaurants, shewarma (oh shewarma!) and a binge fest at International house of pancakes are also on the menu.

Affordability is another feather in the cap of a Dubai vacation. Your budget can either be all pinched up or lavish like an Emirates palace and you will find accommodation and food options catering to budgets of all sizes. Just remember to save by getting your currency converted on (which should also be your new year’s resolution). Transport is also not a strain on your wallet as the subway offers cheap and very convenient mode of transport. And every second cabbie speaks Hindi so you don’t have to stutter your way around.

There is no better time than New Year’s to make brand new resolutions and get a brand new wardrobe. With the festive mood soaring and the Dubai shopping festival commencing on New Year’s Day continuing well up till February 7th, 2016 it is truly the best time to be visiting. So extend that holiday for a few more days to pack the best of Dubai back with you.

Another advantage offered by Dubai is the weather. It is quite unlike the temperate destinations of the west which are freezing this time of the year. Bulking up with jackets, when you want to let your hair down and groove, can remove half the fun from the street parties.

So when you bring out the old and ring in the new

It’s freezing, it’s cold and your noses have turned blue

And the little black dress not a great choice for you

Fly off to warm and welcoming Dubai for a happy new year to you