A Picture Perfect Vacation

We all live the digital life and like to keep our friends and followers updated on every scenery we enjoy on our vacation. To be honest, in this day and age enjoying the moment is not as important as is documenting and sharing it! So if you are in love with the selfie and your phone camera is clicking nonstop, here are some tips and hacks to get some great professional looking photos.

Tip 1: Taking Care of Contrast

Have you seen the HDR mode of your phone? If not, go look for that feature. Often we are standing with our backs to the sun and the sun is pretty much stealing the show and leaving us looking like dark shadows.

For such shots, with a lot of contrast in lighting, switch on the HDR mode. It will take a couple of pictures with minimal and maximal exposure. The final resultant snap would be a combination of the snaps and show you in good light with a detailed blue sky above you.

Note- You can’t be in motion for HDR mode to function. The result would be blurry.

Tip 2: Doing Away With Photobombers

More often than not our pics are photobombed unknowingly by tourists and passersby. A perfect shot ruined by a perfect stranger. You can use any of the many apps to edit out these unwanted objects or people.

TouchRetouch is one such app (it’s not free! but should be worth the buck for a million Instagram followers). It is easy to use and gives great results. You just need to highlight the object you want to be erased and the image is photobomber free.

Tip 3: Angle It

  • Vacations are meant to splurge and have a food baby. Don’t let that show in your pics. If you want to make your arms look slimmer don’t hold them close to your body. Make a small angle at the elbow and pose them away from your body just like a red carpet actress. If you notice all models and celebrities pose with their arms on their hips for the shutterbugs. It’s for the slimming effect!
  • The duck face selfie is as notorious as it is popular. Endless memes and jokes have been made about those but pouting for a groufie is almost irresistible and is the new “say cheese!”. Our advice is to pout away not because everyone else is doing it but because it has a slimming effect on your face, highlights your cheekbones and who doesn’t appreciate a pretty pout!
  • Know your good side! We all look better less bulky from a certain angle in group shots. Know and show that good side.
  • Stick your chin out ever so slightly to make your face look more angular and avoid a double chin.
  • Also, angle yourself at 45 degrees. This will prevent giving a deadpan look in images as seen with no angling and will help spice up your picture.

Tip 4: The Rule of Thirds

Do not place your subject in the middle of the image as the general tendency is. Imagine tic tac toe kind of grid through your camera screen. Place your subject at one of the two intersection points on top.

This grid is already there on your phone as well as Instagram so be sure to use it. If the subject is a person then the person’s eye should be at the intersection point.

Tip 5: Invest in a Selfie Stick

If you have a great many followers on social media then selfie stick is something you must consider investing in. There are two kinds available, one that connects to the mobile via Bluetooth and one which uses the headphone jack of your phone.

The ones with a headphone jacks connection are preferable as there is no remote control (one less item to lose) and the selfie stick runs on your mobile battery albeit consuming very little power.

If you are an ardent photographer then your selfie stick should be convertible to a tripod and easy foldability is one option you must look for.

Tip 6: Editing your Images

Once you are done with the photography try to give the pics a professional look. Opt for filters which are inbuilt in your phone. For instance giving it a sepia or black and white look can make the image more vintage or exotic.

If you are the photo fanatic then consider investing in a software such as Adobe Lightroom. It is easy to use and gives pretty professional results.

Use these tips to capture the perfect picture for the picture perfect moments of your vacation.