Top 4 Apps to Travel Hassle Free!

Life on the road isn’t always as we expect it to be. It is often far from it. Airport security, lounge access, missed flights, cancelled trips is just the tip of the iceberg of the problems we could face on our travels. We are often well prepared when on dry land, but at airports and the pre-planning stage is often not manoeuvred as well. Here are some apps that will make your life a wee less complicated and help you handle uncertainties better on your travels.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel tonight is great for those who leave everything to the last minute or end up on spontaneous getaways. You don’t have to pay through your noses for last minute bookings. Download hotel tonight and get last minute discounts on the best of hotels using this app. You can get up to one-week advance booking.


Life can be unpredictable. So if you have planned your dream vacation a couple of weeks in advance and you need to cancel because you are down with the flu, you don’t need to lose your money and peace of mind over it. Just list your room on the app and wait for someone to take over. Say no to cancellation fees and non-refundable deals. This app will you as to how long the security wait time is at your airport so you can plan and arrive accordingly to the airport.


When flying long distances, comfort is often sacrificed the most. You may not be aware often but you can get access to many lounges from around the world at reasonable cost.

That means a fuller stomach, a more relaxed back and gaining some precious doze time. Lounge buddy is great to guide you about your options at various airports.

Use these apps to prepare for uncertainties in travel and sail through smoothly to your destination.