How to Transfer Money From India to Switzerland – Step By Step

As more and more places are relating to each other through wireless and satellite communication, life is becoming easier and smoother. Comparing the scenario twenty years back and the present scenario, you will realize that many things have changed and for the betterment.

Earlier messengers used to transfer messages from one place to another and now, different switching networks are available that direct the packets containing the messages from the source to the destination. The entire world has seen such an amazing development and has definitely brought a new era to life.

Another amazing change that the world has witnessed is the ability to transfer money from one remote location to another even when there are geographical barriers between them.

For example, if you want to send some money from India to Switzerland, then you can do that at ease with the wire transfers.

What is Wire Transfer?

Wire transfers are an electronic method of transferring money from a sender’s account to a recipient’s account and the entire system occurs with the assistance of the banks. Before knowing about how to transfer the money from India to Switzerland, let us understand the relationship between India and Switzerland.

India-Switzerland Relationship

Both the countries have maintained a very good cordial relationship between India and Switzerland in the fields of trade, education, student exchange programs, tours, taxation, and so on.

Every year, VVIP visits are must in both the countries. This ensures that everything is maintained to its optimal level and no atrocities can space up. Also, this has made India the third largest trading associate of Switzerland on the international realm.

Many Indians immigrate to this European country with more than 6,300 people having the Indian origin. The peaceful relation between both the countries has resulted in the possibilities of transferring money from one nation to the other with ease.

A cooperation pact signed by both the Indian and the Swiss government governs all the transactions made between the countries.

Mumbai and Bengaluru have the consulate of Switzerland whereas the Indian consulate is located in Geneva.  Since 1948, this international relationship between both the countries has evolved without any sort of major argument outbreaks.

Even the countries are planning to extend their international ties in many other sectors like climate planning, arms and ammunition and so on.

Planning to Send Money Abroad?

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How to Transfer Money from India to Switzerland on Fxkart Portal?

For transferring money from India to Switzerland, you will have to follow up a detailed process in Banks because one mistake and your transaction will not be acknowledged. In fact, banks charge extra for this purpose only.

However, at the FxKart portal, you can easily go ahead with the transaction on your own. Follow the steps carefully and yes, sit with all the details along with the loaded soft copies of KYC documents.

Step 1: Check the Transfer Breakout

At our portal ( just enter the amount you want to send in Swiss’s currency and change the currency symbol into the same. Update the purpose of remittances like whether it is immigration or overseas education. Click the transfer breakout details and you will know the exact amount of Indian money you need spend.

You can compare our rates with banks and local dealers and if you are satisfied with CHF rates, proceed with the process.

Step 2: Register or Log into the Portal

For a new user, you will need to fill up the registration page with your name, your Email ID and other necessary information. Only then you will be able to log in. For the existing users, type in the password and the login ID details and you will be logged in to your previous account.

Step 3: Update Sender Bank Details

The next step is to update all the information pertaining to the bank account of the sender including the account number and the IFSC code. Make sure no mistake is done while filling up the details.

Step 4: Update the Receiver Bank Details

You will have to add the receiver’s details along with the beneficiary details if required. Make sure the information is valid because they will be cross-checked by our account manager to make sure you shouldn’t face any issue while sending the amount.

Step 5: Update KYC Details

For verification and identity proof purpose, you will have to carefully update the scanned copies of the KYC details.

Step 6: Make Online Payment

After confirming everything, proceed with the payment and your remittance will be processed by our remittance partners.

Types of Purpose We Offer:

Our overseas money transfer to Switzerland from India are following purpose:

Overseas Education

For anyone who wants to send money for overseas education, then he can send up to a limit of USD 250,000 without the full details of the expenses.


An amount below USD 250,000 can be sent for immigration. However, if the annual amount crosses the limit, you will have to pay the incidental expenses as decided by the Swiss government.

Overseas Medical Treatment

Anyone can send up top USD 250,000 for overseas medical treatment. Doctor’s authorised expense bill will be needed if the amount crosses the limit in a single financial year.

Individual Tours

USD 250,000 is the limit set by RBI that can be transferred to the banks in Switzerland for tour purposes.

Features of Our Remittance Portal

Our features include:

RBI Authorized Remittance Partners

We have ties with the ADII category licensed RBI authorized partners and so our transactions are guaranteed without any chances of failure or frauds.

Lowest Rates Compared to the Banks

We charge the lowest possible rates for the transactions, unlike the banks. Our rates are usually in accordance with the market prices.

Lock the Best Rates

As the Forex market rate of the currency change rapidly, we lock the best rates for Swiss franc to save more for customers.

Hassle Free Documentation with Online Verification

All our documentation and their scrutiny are done via online methods. So, there are no chances of hassles and a problem.

100% Safe and Secure Portal

We have secured our portal so that no one can have access to our mediums and transmissions.