Travel tips you will thank us for!


Hope you are doing good and the winter is treating you well. After travelling for so long i know exactly what not to do during my trip and its fun sharing it with you.

The Holiday season is almost seeping in and most of you must have made plans to go somewhere.

Below given are a few tips which would always be handy –

  • If traveling with one or more fellow passengers, check the price for just one passenger first.
    • Depending on where you are heading, your flights could be the biggest spend you make on this holiday. Finding even a small discount could mean a hundred rupees saved, so it’s worth doing your research. By shopping for one passenger before buying the rest of the tickets, it’s possible that you could get a better deal. This is because of the airline’s tiered pricing system. The way that it works is that if there is only one seat left at the lowest price and you want to book two or more tickets, all tickets will be bumped up to the next price level. In order to check, you need to do 2 searches in separate web browsers. In the first one search for a single passenger, and in the second browser include all passengers.
  • Money Matters – hack the currency exchange!
    • It’s happened to the best of us. You get to the airport and realise that you’ve forgotten to change your money. Although all major airports have currency exchange desks, their uncomfortably expensive rates will always leave you with a lighter wallet. But, never fear – there’s a simple solution to this problem!
    • Most of the airport currency exchange companies offer different rates online to those displayed at the airport desks. Therefore, in order to get a better deal, all that you have to do is purchase your currency online. helps you get the best forex deals all across India with a click. Booked it on their app and got Forex delivered within 4 hrs!
  • Wind back the clock, for extra time (Wi-Fi)
    • Many airports offer travellers free Wi-Fi for one hour, while waiting for their flights. This might sounds great, but if your flight is delayed then you may want to have access for longer. Luckily, it’s possible to extend this time with a simple trick. The Wi-Fi timer is measured by using the clock on your smartphone or laptop. By winding back the clock before the hour is up, you can snag yourself free Wi-Fi for as long as you need.
  • Stay Smart  
    • Instead of a hotel, look into reserving a home if traveling with a family, or a single room if alone. Websites like AirBnB can provide homes and private rooms from home owners who are renting them out, usually offering better accommodations than hotels.
  • Keep your details safe 
    • Scan your passport, identification card, and itinerary and email them to yourself. This provides an extra copy of each in the event of loss or theft. It’s also  important to remember to call your credit or debit card company before you leave to ensure that you have your card authorized for your foreign destination. This prevents them from suspecting suspicious activity.
Have a super trip and i will keep sharing more points soon. Till then have a happy holiday!