Travelling cashless

This travel season when you are wondering how you are going to be carrying all those currencies while you’re country hopping, travel card is the answer to your prayers. It is the most often recommended mode of carrying foreign currency and for good reason. It seems to be having the best of both the worlds as a travel card combines the advantages of traveller’s cheques and credit cards into one. It is similar to traveller’s cheques as you can seal the deal at the current rate in the market and not leaving your conversion rate to market fluctuations. While traveller’s cheques are so old school with multiple trips to the bank, travel cards are simple and convenient requiring one trip to the bank/money changer. The great news is that you can get one issued at at market beating rates.

A travel card functions just like your regular credit card or debit card. It comes with a metal chip and hence can be swiped at stores as well as used at ATMs for cash withdrawal quite like credit/debit cards.

A travel card can be procured at any RBI licensed money changer, bank or at better still, The biggest advantage of travel cards is that it can be preloaded with multiple currencies of your choice in case you are hitting multiple countries in a trip. And when this year you are still out partying from one country to another, you are going to be needing one of those. You will not be subjected to the fluctuations in conversion rates as you have converted all your cash in advance at a fixed rate. As always banks offer adverse rates so better is to get one from a money changer at

I maybe all praise for travel cards but it does come with its own set of drawbacks. Hiding beneath the shiny metallic chip and the smooth swipes is a whole lot of charges you couldn’t think of. Activation charges when you first activate the card, reloading charges in case of reloading and withdrawal charges on foreign ATM withdrawals. To save up and maximise benefits of your travel card don’t make petty transactions. Withdraw a good sum at one go to reduce withdrawal charges as you are charged based on the number of transactions and not the amount withdrawn. And in some cases you can also be charged inactivity fees, so better is to keep that card a little engaged.

With all said and done, travel cards is a great option for all you travelling folks. And don’t forget to log on to for your travel card at best rates. It’s fair, fast and free after all.