Travelling Hacks From the Seasoned Traveller!

Travelling is a great way to unwind, make new friends and soak up new experiences. But more often than not the trip that takes us to our dream destination can peeve you in unexpected ways and bog down the holiday mood. Here are some tips and hacks to make your travelling easier and more convenient.

Saving Money On Your Next Trip

How to save money while booking tickets online

Mostly while booking tickets we tend to window shop online to see how the prices behave at least for a couple of days before booking. The thing about this seemingly harmless behaviour is that the booking websites get all your browsing information through cookies and just because you have searched for a certain flight, the next time you check the price, it will be higher forcing you to buy the ticket, lest it surges further. There is a way around this. Search for tickets in incognito mode. This way you will get cheaper flight rates when you finally book.

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Boarding And Check-In Hacks

The extra seat for stretching out

People prefer seats in front of the aircraft to make a quick exit. Cash in on the haste of others. If you are doing a web check-in then opt for the last row. Not many opt for the last row so you might end up with the whole row to yourself for a nice stretched out snooze.

Save the environment by not taking printouts of your tickets.

You can show an e-ticket at the airport entrance and check-in counter. Better still is to capture screenshots of the tickets rather than wasting your time and mobile data downloading the ticket again and again.

Also rather than repeatedly on every trip having the security guys throw away your bottle of water, better is to take an empty bottle through security and filling it up later after security check.

Board Last

Just in case you ended up checking in at the airport and aren’t sure about the last row hack then fear not. It is foolhardy for people to get into boarding queues in such haste only to end up waiting to lug their baggage. Sit near the boarding gate and be the last to board. When in the aircraft a quick scan will guide you to empty rows and you can be sure they are all to you for the flight!

Invest in a bag that stands out rather than a mundane black or maroon which will be filling the conveyor belt. Makes it easier to spot your bag. Also, label your bag as fragile so that it is handled well and kept on top of the bags. This will make sure your bag comes out first.

Can’t sleep on flights? Workout for half hour before hitting the airport and you will get a peaceful snooze on the flight.

Packing Hacks

Whenever you are going for a holiday where you intend to splurge on shopping, pack your stuff in a small wheelie and pack that wheelie in a big one. This way you won’t end up buying a new bag on your trip to squeeze in your purchases. And on any trip always carry a duffel bag folded compactly in your luggage just in case you buy stuff.

Razor blades: Whenever packing razors we tend to wrap it up in paper or put it in the pouch for toiletries. But it’s easy to forget about it and blindly put your hand in the pouch looking for your toothbrush or lotion and accidentally sustaining nicks and cuts. Best is to use a paper clip binder over the blades. It’s easy, cheap and can be used again.

Don’t carry bulky jackets. Always see the weather forecast for your destination before packing. And instead of packing heavy woollens, dress in layers.

Don’t fold your clothing. From personal experience, best is to roll up your clothes before packing. Somehow maintains the ironing as well takes minimal space in your bag. Keep your necessities on tops such as your toothbrush and fresh pyjamas for sleeping in.

If going on a business trip, then keep your formal shirts looking freshly laundered by packing your belt in the collar!

Save space by packing undergarments or small accessories and jewellery in your shoe.

Avoid carrying bottles and bottles of perfumes, lotions, shampoos and makeup remover. Carry a small packet of baby wipes and use that as a makeup remover. Whenever in hotels empty shampoo and lotion bottles should be taken away for future trips to carry your favourite shampoo and lotion in small amounts. Substitute your shoe polish with that hair conditioner and your shampoo can double up as shaving cream.

Take away a packed soap from your hotel and place it in your bag as a bag freshener. The soaps at hotels are generally extremely fragrant.

Save your time and nerve by packing necklaces and earphones in straws and avoiding tangles.

Travelling With Kids

Use the offline option of youtube to save engaging cartoons for your kids. A must have when on board with disgruntled passengers and tantrum throwing brat. Carry their favourite cookies and chips on you. Also, keep plastic bags in your hand baggage in case of motion sickness or any other misadventure to stash away soiled clothes.

Make Smart Use Of that Smartphone

Download apps for free while at home that would make your travel easier such as Skyscanner, trip38, google maps etc. Google maps are available in offline mode so save maps that matter to you and access them offline.

Also, if backpacking through India keep your train booking app IRCTC connect always updated before your travel as you cannot book train tickets on older versions due to the mandatory update. And that happens only when you need to urgently book train tickets!

Download word lens if going to an exotic location with an even more exotic language. You can easily scan the sign board that is dampening your wanderlust and get going with the instant translation!

Save on data by downloading WhatsApp, Viber, IMO and skype for keeping in touch with your near and dear ones for cheap. Also, when on data roaming change your phone setting from automatic email download to manual and close all background apps to prevent drainage of your data plan.

Use these tips for a smooth travel because sometimes it’s about the destination and not the journey.