Bank, Local FX Dealer and Fxkart – Who is Your Perfect Outward Remittance Partner and Why?

If you are planning to remit money out of India to any part of the world, you are reading the right stuff! Today, a lot of people are looking for options to remit money. The reasons behind that could be many. It could be for educational fees, medical expenses, tour and travel or an ample of other reasons.

However, what matters is how you send it!

Some people usually prefer banks, because they do not know the other avenues available. Well, there is nothing wrong with remitting by banks. It’s just that you end up paying quite an extra amount of money. Such is also the case with the local dealers.

If you are someone who values their money, then is the perfect place for you! At Fxkart, you can simply remit your money to any part of the world, without having to pay anything extra also we follow all the RBI guidelines while doing outward remittance.

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Why is Fxkart the best option for you?

We provide you a step-by-step process which is very easy to understand. There are no hidden charges or commission involved, like in case of banks or local forex dealers. The banks usually charge a commission that is very high, around 1 to 2 % of the transaction amount.

On the other hand, Fxkart doesn’t take any extra charges from you. You can simply remit your money at a cost of the interbank rates and a few paise as the transaction cost. We also provide you to block rates for up to 2 banking days!

Don’t you still believe what you are reading? Well, let us help you out with a simple example.

Consider the case where you must transact an amount equal to 10000 USD. Given that the exchange rates are 1 USD = 65 INR today, the total amount comes to 6,50,000 INR. However, on this, you must pay a bank commission of 1 %. This means that for INR 6,56,500, you must pay an extra amount of INR 6500.

Let us now move on to the case of local forex dealers. Well, in this case, you now that most of the local dealers charge a margin in the range 40 paise. Thus, on an actual remittance amount of INR 6,50,000, you must pay a total of INR 2600 extra, making the total at INR 6,52,600.

At Fxkart, you will have to pay much lesser than the above options!!

Fxkart offers you lowest rates in the market and unparalleled convenience to complete your transaction effortlessly. Besides this, the process is transparent and reliable. You will be alerted about each stage of your transaction, be rest assured that your money reaches on time!

So, do you have a remittance requirement? Contact us and your work will be done in a matter of hours!