Your travel experience


You have planned your dream vacation away from the maddening crowd and the pollution.

You downloaded every travel app, compared flight tickets and rechecked them on different travel portals.

You have subscribed 6 months in advance for offers on air fares and hotel deals.You also recruited your wife to keep an eye on offers, deals and discounts.

The click easy part is over.

Now comes the tough part.

Forex – Hard cash… harder to get.

You are armed with your doodle pad and pen.

Call #1 to dealer #1- Blah blah blah… Yada yada yada

Call #2 to dealer #2- Repeat process. After all the haggling, shamelessly low profit margin compared to dealer #1

Call to dealer #3, #4… Process repeated ad infinitum ad nauseam.

Dash to dealer store, scout for parking, Procured forex somehow (almost exchange blows over your KYC docs!).

Off we go to our dream vacation with a sour aftertaste from dealing with the dealers and teenie bit of regret wondering if the shoddy dealer took you for a ride.

This is the usual scenario before most travels. The nagging feeling that some dealer out there would have offered a better rate.

Up until now, because now is

Until now you have been convinced that online was the best place to buy air tickets and book hotels whereas buying forex was a more stone age kind of hunting-gathering-haggling.

FXkart brings to you the hassle-free, haggle free way to buy foreign currency online. Not only are you given the rates to compare and a fair chance to select your dealer, FXkart gets forex dealers bid and improve their rates making the whole process dynamically designed to bring the rates down.

Result: you save!

Here’s power to you

This, dear traveler, is the now of foreign exchange.